Monday, June 30, 2014

How to clear the scanner memory on a Ricoh Aficio MP series multifunction copier

On a Ricoh Aficio MP series copier, you can set the scanner option to store files in the copier's hard drive.  Eventually, the scanned files might take up too much memory and you may wish to delete them, or you might want to delete them for security reasons.  This article will show you how to delete the stored scanned files from your copier's memory, as well as clear the scanner journal and the recent scan destinations.

- To delete stored scanned files
Press the Scanner button to bring up the scan function screen.  On the screen, touch Select Stored File, toward the top.  Then select Manage/Delete File.

A list of your stored files will be displayed.  Select the file or files you want to delete, then select Delete File and confirm your choice.  If there are a lot of files stored, you won't be able to select them all at once, so you'll have to repeat the last couple of steps until all the files have been erased.

- To delete the scanner journal

The scanner journal stores a list of scans that you've made recently.  The actual file scanned is not saved, but the journal does track where you scanned to, when the scan was sent, and whether it was successful or not.  To clear this list, press the User Tools/Counter button, select Scanner Features and then Delete Scanner Journal.  (You may be prompted to confirm your choice.)

- To delete recent scan destinations

The copier also stores a list of recent scan destinations, so that you can select them again if you want to scan to the same place.  You can erase this list on the same screen where you can erase the scanner journal -- press User Tools/Counter, then select Scanner Features.  On this screen, select Delete Recent Destinations, and confirm your choice if prompted.

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