Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to add a fax destination to a Ricoh Aficio MP series copier

You can store fax numbers in the address book of your Ricoh Aficio MP series copier (MP 4002, MP C5503, MP 9001, etc.) so that when you want to send a fax to that number, you can just select it on the screen instead of having to type it in each time.  Saving a fax number to the address book is very easy to do, and the steps below will guide you through the process.  (These steps will vary slightly for MP series copiers with smaller screens, such as the MP 171, MP 201, and MP 301.)

To start, press the Facsimile button on the left side of the screen.  (On newer MP series copiers, you can select Facsimile from the home screen as well.)  Then, select the Prg. Dest. button on the touch screen.

On the screen that pops up, select the Change button to the right of where "Fax Destination" is displayed.  Here you can type in the fax number you want to save, complete with any prefixes it needs (9 to dial out, 1 for long distance, etc.).  If you need to insert a pause, you can do so by selecting Pause on the screen.  Once you have finished typing the number, select OK.  Then select OK again.

Next you'll be prompted to enter a name for this fax number.  This name can be anything you want; it's just the name that will be displayed on the screen to represent this particular number.  You can use upper case letters by selecting SHIFT at the bottom left of the screen.  When you are finished typing the name, select OK.  Then select OK once more to finish the process and save the fax number in the address book.

Now, when you look at the fax screen, you should see the fax destination you just programmed appear in the bottom half of the screen.  (If there are already a lot of fax destinations programmed, you might have to scroll down to find yours.)

(Originally published on Bubblews.com, January 2014)

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