Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to enable PDF Viewer in Chrome

If you use the Chrome web browser, you are probably familiar with how simple the interface is.  The browser is easy to use, and its settings are easy to navigate.  Current versions of Chrome come with a built-in PDF reader, so you don't have to download or install Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader extension or plug-in.

Chrome's PDF Viewer is very fast and reliable.  It loads quicker than Adobe Reader and similar apps, like PDF.js, that are available from the Chrome Web Store, and it contains enough controls to be useful without being cumbersome.

If you don't have PDF Viewer enabled, it's easy to enable it.  Just follow these steps:

- Click on the Menu button in the upper right corner of the Chrome window
- Choose Settings from the drop-down menu
- In the search bar, type "plug-ins"
- Click on the Content Settings button
- Scroll down to Plug-ins and select "Disable individual plug-ins..."
- On the list of plug-ins, find Chrome PDF Viewer and click Enable

If it says "Disable" instead of "Enable" then you already have PDF Viewer enabled.  If you are using Chrome PDF Viewer and you try to load a PDF and get an error message saying that Chrome PDF Viewer can't load the PDF, try updating your version of Chrome.

(Originally published on, February 2014)

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