Friday, October 31, 2014

How to find the MAC address of a Ricoh MP series copier

If your Ricoh MP series copier has the capability to be used as a networked printer, then it has its own MAC address.  There are two styles of the MP series copiers: the ones that have touch screens (such as the MP2550 or the MP6000) and the smaller desktop models that don't have touch screens (like the MP2000).  The copiers with the touch screens are easy to recognize because the display screen is large and graphical, whereas on the other models the screen is tiny and displays mainly text.

The steps to find your copier's MAC address depends on which style of MP copier you have.  (The steps may vary for some individual models, but they should generally be the same across the board.)

For the touch screen models:

A.  Press the User Tools/Counter key (typically found to the left of the display screen).

B.  On the touch screen, select System Settings.

C.  Select the Interface Settings tab.

D.  Select Machine IPv4 Address on the touch screen.

The MAC address will be displayed on the screen, next to the IP address.

For the non-touch screen models:

A.  Press the User Tools/Counter key (probably in the upper right corner of the operational panel).

B.  Using the arrow keys, scroll down until you see System Settings, then press the OK key.

C.  Scroll to Interface Settings (or IF Settings) and press the OK key.

D.  Select Network.

E.  Select Machine IPv4 Address.

F.  There will be three choices along the bottom of the screen; press the corresponding key for MAC Address (probably the far right one).

The MAC address will be displayed on the screen.

If you would rather have a printout with the MAC address on it, you can print a configuration page on either style of machine.  For the touch screen models, press User Tools/Counter, then go into Printer Features and on the List/Test Print tab (the one that should be active by default) choose Configuration Page.  On the page that prints out, the MAC address will be located toward the bottom, in the "Interface Information" section.

For the non-touch screen models, follow steps A, B, and C above, and then instead of choosing Network, go to Print IF Settings List, and then press the Start key.  Two or three pages may print out, depending on the specific machine, but the MAC address will be located toward the top of the first page.

(Originally published on, August 2010)

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