Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to print to a Sharp MX series printer without using a print driver

On a Sharp MX series network printer, you have the ability to print without using a print driver.  Limited file types are supported (PDF, TXT, JPEG, TIFF, HTM) but it is a nice feature.  Printing without using the print driver is accomplished through the Sharp's web interface.  This method of printing can be a useful troubleshooting tool, but it is also nice for computers that don't support print drivers, such as Chromebooks.

To print to your Sharp MX series printer without using a print driver:

- Open up your web browser
- Navigate to the printer's IP address

(If you don't know the IP address of your printer, you can find it by printing out a configuration page.  Instructions for printing configuration pages from various Sharp models can be found here.)

- Click Document Operations on the sidebar on the left side of the screen
- Click Submit Print Job
- Under the "Print Settings" heading, set up any applicable job parameters (duplex, number of copies, stapling, etc.)
- Next to "Select File," click the Browse button
- Select the file you want to print
- Click the Print button at the bottom

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