Friday, May 29, 2015

How to reboot a Verizon DSL wireless router from your computer

Whenever there's a problem with your wireless router, the first step in trying to fix it is often rebooting the router.  If you call Verizon for tech support, that's usually the first thing they'll tell you to do.  You can reboot your Verizon DSL router either by turning it off and then back on or by holding in a reset button (depending on your specific router model) but many people aren't aware that you can also reboot the router remotely -- as long as the router is still functioning on the local network side, to allow a connection from your computer.  (For example, if your Internet connection is down but your local wireless network is okay, you should still be able to access the router from your computer.)

To reboot your Verizon router right from your computer, open a web browser window.  Type the router's IP address into the browser's address bar and press ENTER.  If you don't know your router's IP address, it will often be either or for smaller networks.  If neither of these work, you can find the router's address (called the gateway address) by using the "ipconfig" command in Windows or DOS, or by printing out a configuration page from a printer connected to the same network.

Once you type in the IP address, the Verizon router configuration page will load.  This will typically be a screen with a reddish-black background and the Verizon logo at the top.  You'll see many different options -- click on Advanced along the bar at the top of the screen.  If you're presented with a warning message asking if you wish to proceed, click Yes.

The list of advanced settings will appear.  Click on Reboot Gateway.  Another confirmation message will be displayed; click OK.  (Before rebooting your router, make sure that no other users or services on your network are currently using the router -- they will lose their connection when you reboot it.)

If you have a password set up for the router, you'll be asked to log in before you can continue.  Enter the router's username and password, then click OK.

A message will be displayed that says "Rebooting Modem Please Wait" or something similar.  Your computer will be disconnected briefly as the router restarts, and then the connection will be reestablished.  This may take a few moments -- the router will need to reload everything it needs and then reassign your computer an IP address.  When the screen switches back to the main Verizon configuration page, your router has been successfully rebooted.  (If it seems to be taking an excessively long time to reload, right click on the page and select either Refresh or Reload, depending on your web browser.)

(Originally published on, April 2012)

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