Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to clear your Adobe Flash Player history on a Chromebook

Adobe's Flash Player keeps a list of sites that you've visited that use Flash.  You can delete this list very easily if you want to.  On a Windows computer, you would delete it through the Control Panel; on a Chromebook, you do it through the Settings.

- Click on the status bar in the lower right corner of the screen (where the time, battery strength, and network signal are displayed).
- Click on Settings.
- Type "flash" into the search bar.
- Click on the "Content settings" button.
- Click on the "Manage exceptions..." button.
- Click on the "Adobe Flash Player storage settings..." link.
- The Website Storage Settings Panel will load in Chrome; click on the "Delete all sites" button.
- Click on the "Confirm" button and the list of websites will be erased.

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