Friday, August 7, 2015

How to remove the main control board from a Xerox Phaser 8200 printer

On most printers and copiers, the main control board (sometimes called the controller board) is essential to the device functioning.  There are many components on this board which could fail and cause problems.  Sometimes, resetting this board's connections (or resetting the memory DIMM or DIMMs on the board) can fix the problem.  For a Xerox Phaser 8200 printer, follow the steps below to remove the main control board.

The control board comes out through the back of the printer, so you'll need to turn or position the printer so that you have access to the rear side, with at least a couple of feet of open space for room to work.

While you're looking at the rear of the printer, flip the power switch to turn the printer off (if it's not already off) and wait for it to power down.  (You may have to select Standard Shutdown.)

The controller board lies horizontally inside the printer.  There are two ridged knobs that secure it in place, one on the left side of the back of the printer and one on the right.  Turn these two knobs counter-clockwise to unscrew them.  After a couple of turns they should be fully unscrewed.

There is a plastic handle for the controller board assembly located halfway between the two knobs.  Pull out on this handle to slide it out from the board.  It will extend about two or three inches, giving you room to grab it.  Pull the handle gently outward to remove the controller board assembly.  The board is attached the metal plate where the data ports are visible.  The whole unit slides out as one piece.  (If you are ordering replacement parts, you can see the part numbers here.)

Things to note:
- Be careful to touch a metal part of the printer's frame before touching the control board, in order to ground yourself and reduce the chance of electrostatic damage to the board.
- If you are removing the memory card, grasp it by the edges and avoid touching the metal contacts.
- When reinstalling the main control board, be sure to insert it all the way into the printer.  If it's not fully seated, the two knobs won't be able to be turned.

(Originally published on, October 2012)

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