Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chrome no longer supports NPAPI plugins

It's been over a month now, but some users may not yet be aware -- or are suddenly finding out -- that Chrome has dropped support for NPAPI plugins.  Two big plugins no longer supported are Java and Silverlight.  If you visit web sites that rely on either one of those, you'll likely be looking for a new web browser.

If you use Outlook Web App, you may have already noticed that the Attach button no longer works.  This feature utilized the Silverlight plugin, so it's out the window in Chrome.  You can either load OWA in another web browser, or you can use the light version of OWA (check the box when you log in) as a workaround -- the light version will allow you to attach files without requiring Silverlight.

More information can be found on this Google help page.

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