Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to add a library in Windows 7

Libraries in Windows are a handy way to organize files and folders.  Windows comes with some default libraries already set up, but you can add to those libraries, or even create new ones.  This post describes how to add a new library in Windows 7.

To add an existing folder as a new library:
- Navigate to the folder you want to add (through Windows Explorer, the Computer link on the Start menu, the desktop, or another method)
- Right click on the folder
- Hover the pointer over "Include in library"
- Select "Create new library"

To create a new folder as a new library:
- On the Start menu, click Computer
- Scroll up on the left side of the window and select Libraries
- At the top of the window, select "New library"
- Enter a name for your new libary and press <ENTER>

To add a folder to your new library, double click on your library and click on the "Include a folder" button.  Navigate to the folder you want to add and click "Include folder."

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