Saturday, March 12, 2016

How to restart the print spooler in Windows 10

Restarting your computer's print spooler is often a handy way of resolving or troubleshooting printing problems.  To restart your print spooler you will need admin rights on the computer; if you don't have admin rights, you can always just reboot the computer instead, which restarts all of the services.

To restart the print spooler service on a Windows 10 computer:

- Click on (or tap) the Windows button (formerly the Start button) on the taskbar
- Type "services" into the Search bar, and click on Services in the results or press the <ENTER> key
- In the Services window, scroll down to Print Spooler
- Click Restart to the left of the services list (or right click on Print Spooler and select Restart)

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