Thursday, March 31, 2016

Yahoo Mail archive button removal extension now available in Chrome Web Store

Yahoo! recently rolled out a new Archive button on the toolbar in Yahoo! Mail.  The frustrating part for many Yahoo! Mail users is that it took the place of the Delete button, moving the Delete button farther down on the toolbar and causing many people to accidentally archive emails that they wanted to delete.

There is now an extension available in the Chrome Web Store that will get rid of the Archive button and put the Delete button back where you're used to seeing it.  deArchive is free to download and hassle-free to use.  Simply install it and forget about it.

Once you've added it to Chrome, every time you log in to Yahoo! Mail, deArchive will remove the Archive button and replace it with the Delete button.

If you have any issues using deArchive, please leave a comment on this page and I'll try to resolve the issue.  For Yahoo! Mail users that don't use Chrome, you can set deArchive up as a bookmarklet (instructions here) and the only difference is that you'll need to click on it after you log into Yahoo! Mail to run it; it won't run automatically like the extension will.

A version of this extension for Opera will be coming soon.

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