Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to add HTTPS availability for your Blogger / Blogspot blog

If you use Google's Blogger (Blogspot) for blogging, you have the ability to allow your pages to be served securely over HTTPS.  However, your blog probably has this setting disabled by default.

Enabling the HTTPS availability setting is very easy, and will probably take you under a minute.  In addition to allowing a more secure connection for your readers, it may also increase your web traffic.  Users that prefer HTTPS connections over HTTP connections may now have more reason to visit your pages.  (The old HTTP links to your pages will still work, too.)

To add HTTPS capability to your Blogger pages:

- Login to your account at Blogger.com
- Click on the name of the blog whose settings you want to change
- Click Settings
- Scroll down until you see HTTPS Availability
- Click the down arrow next to No
- Select Yes

Google will automatically save the change and reload the settings page.  Note that this function will only be available for blogs using the Blogspot domain (ie. blogname.blogspot.com).

(Image courtesy of Pixabay)

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