Thursday, May 12, 2016

loginFocus: Chrome extension to add autofocus to login pages that don't have it

Ever go to a website to log in, start typing your username, and realize that nothing is showing up?  Then you have to click on the text box and start typing again.

That website did not auto-focus on the login text box.  Many websites do -- Twitter, Yahoo!, and Google, just to name a few -- but some don't.

loginFocus is a free Chrome browser extension that adds focus to the login text box for many popular (and not-so-popular) websites.  Currently supported sites include Instagram, Dell, MyPoints, PayPal, Redbox, Stack Overflow, and many more.  (You can see the complete list here.)

loginFocus runs quietly in the background, and only has permission to run on the specified websites.  Eventually, you won't even know that it's there.  It currently works with 50 websites (as of version 1.0.5).

Support for more sites will be added as often as possible.  Because of the individual website permissions required (rather than just requiring permission for all sites) when a new version of loginFocus is released you may have to "allow" the new permissions, and the extension will be disabled until you do so.  (You can do that right from the Chrome menu.)

Feedback (positive and negative) can be submitted through the form found here.  If you have any websites that you would like to suggest to be included in the extension, please leave a comment (either on the web store support form or in the comments section on this page) with the website's URL or name, and I'll try to get them added in.

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