Saturday, July 9, 2016

How to use custom CSS with Safari

With Apple's Safari web browser, you can add your own custom cascading style sheets (CSS) to personalize the browser's look.  Some websites may override your CSS settings, but for sites that don't, the CSS you load will be the default settings.

To use a CSS file with Safari:

- Click on the Settings button in the upper right corner
- Select Preferences
- Select the Advanced tab
- Click on the down arrow next to Style sheet: to open the drop-down menu
- Select Other...
- Browse to the CSS file that you want to use
- Click Open

These instructions were written based on Safari v5.1.7 in Windows, so they may vary slightly for other versions.  Note that the style sheet must be saved locally (or accessible via your network) -- you can't point to a CSS by URL.  If you make any changes to the style sheet after loading it into Safari, you will need to reload it (by deselecting it and then selecting it again) to apply the changes.

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