Thursday, October 6, 2016

How to check the drum life remaining for a Brother IntelliFax 4100e fax machine

Next to the toner cartridge, the drum is the main consumable that you'll have to replace on your Brother IntelliFax 4100e fax machine.  Some Brother fax machines show the drum life remaining on the user settings list that you can print out, but for the 4100e you can only view the drum life on-screen, by going through the menus.

- Press the Menu button.
- Press 2 on the number pad to bring up the fax menu.  "2. Fax" will be displayed, then the fax menu will load.
- Press 0 for "Miscellaneous."
- Press 3 for "Drum Life."

The drum life remaining percentage is only an estimate, and it may vary from the actual drum life left depending on various factors.

(Originally published on, January 2010)

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