Thursday, December 22, 2016

Likey: Chrome extension for Facebook

Ever want to quickly be able to glance through your Facebook feed and see which posts you've liked and which ones you haven't?  Likey is a new Chrome extension that allows you to do just that.

Just click the Likey button in Chrome on your Facebook feed, or on someone else's page, and Likey will color any posts that you've liked blue, and any posts that you haven't liked orange.  It will keep working as long as you stay on the same page, so as you scroll down and more posts are loaded, they'll be color-coded as well.

Sponsored posts will typically turn red, so you can avoid them if you want, but occasionally they will show as orange.  (This bug will be worked out in a future version.)

Likey can be installed from the Chrome web store.  A version of this extension for the Opera browser will be coming soon.

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