Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to change the toner on a Ricoh Aficio MP 4000 / MP 5000 / MP 4001 / MP 5001 copier

To install a new toner bottle (type MP 4500 toner) in a Ricoh MP 4000, 4001, 5000, or 5001 copier, follow these steps:

- Open the copier's front door
- Spin the green toner handle counter-clockwise 90 degrees
- Push down on the small green lever on the left side of the toner unit
- Slide the toner unit out using the green handle
- Remove the old toner bottle

- Gently rock the new toner bottle back and forth (horizontally) several times
- Unscrew the black cap from the new toner bottle
- Lay the new toner bottle on the toner tray, with the top of the bottle facing toward you (away from the copier)
- Push the toner unit all the way in using the green handle until it locks in place
- Turn the green toner handle clockwise 90 degrees until it snaps in place
- Close the copier's front door

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