Friday, July 11, 2014

How to restore an HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M601 / M602 / M603 back to factory default settings

If you need to restore your HP LaserJet M601, M602, or M603 printer back to its factory default state, follow the instructions below.  NOTE:  By performing this operation, your printer will lose saved settings and data.

- Press OK to bring up the main menu
- Scroll down to Administration
- Press OK
- Scroll down to General Settings
- Press OK
- Scroll down to Restore Factory Settings
- Press OK

Here you will be presented with the different options for erasing all or some of the printer's memory and settings.  You can choose from All, Calibration, Digital Send, General, Print, or Security.  To choose one of the options, scroll down so it is highlighted and press OK.  A check mark will appear next to that item.

- Scroll back up to Reset
- Press OK
- To confirm your choice, scroll down to Reset
- Press OK

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