Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to disable the Auto Delete function on a Ricoh copier's Document Server

On Ricoh Aficio MP series copiers that come with the Document Server feature, the Document Server is by default set to delete any documents you store there after 3 days (excluding documents that you've set a password for).  In order to use the Document Server for more long-term storage, you will need to disable the Auto Delete function.  The steps below will walk you through how to do that.

These steps will work for any Ricoh Aficio MP series copier that has the "normal" touch screen.  For copiers with the smaller touch screen, such as the MP 301 or the MP C305, the steps will vary slightly, but will be similar.  For copiers without a touch screen, like the MP 201 or MP 2500, the steps will be different, but the general concept is the same.

- Press the User Tools/Counter button (or the User Tools button, on high volume copiers)
- On the screen, select System Settings
- Select the Administrator Tools tab
- Scroll down until you see the setting labeled "Auto Delete File in Document Server" and select it
- Select Off
- Select OK

Instead of turning the Auto Delete feature completely off, you can set it for a specific number of days if you prefer.  After that many days have passed since the document was scanned in, it will be deleted from the Document Server.  Note that these changes do not affect documents that have already been scanned in, so any documents in the Document Server before you turn off the Auto Delete function will still be deleted after 3 days.

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