Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to send a fax from a Ricoh copier

These instructions will walk you through how to send a fax using a Ricoh copier or multifunction printer.  The steps are meant for any Ricoh copiers with a touch screen; for copiers that don't have a touch screen (such as the MP 161 or MP 2500) the steps will vary slightly.

- Plug an active fax line into the LINE port on the back side of the copier, if it's not already connected.
- Press the Facsimile button (or select Facsimile on the Home screen).
- Select the fax destination from the preset list shown on the screen, or enter the fax number manually using the number pad.
- Place your document(s) in the document feeder (face up) or on the glass (face down).
- Press the Start button.

If you want to send an email fax, you can find instructions for setting that up here:

- How to set up email faxing from a Ricoh MP series copier

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