Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to delete an email address from a Ricoh MP series copier or printer

On Ricoh copiers and printers that are connected to a network, you have the ability to set up an address book to store contacts so you can scan documents to them without having to type everything in each time -- you can just select the contact on the screen and press Start.  But as employees leave your company or email addresses change, you may wish to delete some old email addresses out of your Ricoh's address book.  Here's how to delete an email address from a Ricoh MP series copier or printer:

To delete an email address, you'll need to go into the address book.  You can do this by pressing the User Tools/Counter button on the operation panel (on some Ricoh printers, this button is just labeled User Tools) then select System Settings on the screen.  From the System Settings menu, select the Administrator Tools tab all the way on the right.  Then select the option for Address Book Management.  (Some of the newer Ricohs have the Address Book Management option available on the System Settings menu; if so, you can select it there instead.)

Now you're in the address book.  Select the Email tab to view all of the stored email addresses.  (To delete a different type of contact, select that type instead -- Fax, Folder, User Code, etc.)  Then select Delete, and choose the email address you wish to remove.  You'll be asked to confirm your choice, and once you do that the email address will be erased.

You can also use these instructions to remove fax numbers, scan folders, user codes, and other address book entries -- just select the type of contact you want to remove when you are in the address book, or scroll through the contacts available to find the one to delete.

(Originally posted on Bubblews.com, November 2013)

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