Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to print a fax journal from a Ricoh MP series copier

On a fax machine, the fax journal (or fax log) is a list of all the recent faxes, both sent and received.  The fax journal can be handy to have for reference, to see if a fax went through or to check if a fax was really sent.  Follow the steps below to print a fax journal from any Ricoh MP series copier/fax machine that has a touch screen.  (For machines without a touch screen, such as the MP 201, the steps will be a little different but basically the same idea.)

- Press the Facsimile button, or select Facsimile from the Home screen
- At the top of the screen, select TX/RX Status, or TX/RX Status / Print, or Change TX / Info, or Information, or Comm. Status/Print, depending on your model
- Select Print Journal
- Select All
- Press the Start button

The fax journal will be broken up into two sections: TX and RX.  TX stands for transmission, and it lists the faxes that were sent.  RX stands for reception, and it lists the faxes that were received.

(Originally published on Bubblews.com, March 2014)

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