Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to print a scanner journal from a Ricoh Aficio MP series copier

The scanner journal on a Ricoh Aficio copier/scanner is a good reference for looking up past scan jobs and seeing which ones went through and which ones failed.  The journal doesn't show an image of the scan, just details about when it was sent, where it was sent to, and whether it succeeded in getting there.  This article will guide you through the steps necessary to print out a copy of the scan journal from a Ricoh Aficio MP series multifunction copier.  (Note that for some of the smaller MP series machines -- such as the MP 301, MP C305, MP 161, and a few others -- the exact steps will vary slightly because of the smaller screens on those machines, but in general the procedure will be the same.)

There are two way of printing the scan journal from most Aficio MP series copiers: printing from the Scanner screen, and printing from the User Tools menu.  Both ways result in the same journal being printed, but with one key difference.  If you print the scan journal from the User Tools menu, the scan journal entries will be deleted upon printing, whereas if you print the scan journal directly from the Scanner screen, the journal entries will remain in memory.  So the method you choose depends on whether you want to erase the scanner journal entries or keep them.

To print the scanner journal from the Scanner screen:

- Press the Scanner function key (or select Scanner from the Home screen)
- Select Scanned File Status at the top of the screen
- Select Print List (or Print, for older models)
- Press the Start button

To print the scanner journal from the User Tools menu:

- Press the User Tools/Counter button
- Select Scanner Features on the touch screen
- Select Print Scanner Journal, under the General tab
- Press the Start button

(Originally posted on Bubblews.com, February 2014)

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