Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to save an email address on a Ricoh MP series copier

Any Ricoh MP series copier (such as the MP 4000, MP C2051, MP C6501, etc.) with scanning capability lets you store an address book inside the machine, so that when you want to scan a document to an email address, you don't have to type the address in every time.  This address book is customizable, and you can add email addresses to it very easily.  To add an email address to any MP series model that has a touch screen, simply follow the steps below.  (For the MP 301 and MP C305, with the smaller touch screens, the steps might vary slightly.)

Press the Scanner button to bring up the scanning screen, or select Scanner from the Home screen.  If the Email tab is not the active tab, select it now.  Then tap the Prg Dest (short for "Program Destination") button on the touch screen.  (For models with the monochrome touch screen, you'll have to select Manual Entry, input the email address, and then select Prg Dest.)  Next, select the Change button to the right of where "Email Address" is displayed.  A soft keyboard will be displayed, which you can use to type in the email address you want to enter.  (Numbers can be typed by using the number pad.)

Once you have finished typing the email address, select OK in the upper right corner, then select OK in the upper right corner again.  Now you'll be prompted to enter a name to be associated with this email address.  This name is the name that will be displayed on the screen for this address.  Enter the name, again using the soft keyboard, and select OK in the upper right corner.  Select OK one more time, and you're all done.  That email address is now saved in the system's address book, and it will be displayed on the scanning screen along with any other saved email addresses.

(Originally published on Bubblews.com, November 2013)

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