Friday, July 24, 2015

How to find the IP address of a BlackBerry Bold 9650

Any device connected to a TCP/IP network (such as the Internet or many smaller local networks) receives an IP address.  Your BlackBerry Bold is no different.  If you are only connected to your BlackBerry's 3G network, the device will not have an active IP address, but as soon as you use the BlackBerry's Wi-Fi connection capability, it will be assigned an IP address (except in rare instances where the network does not use DHCP).

If you need to know your BlackBerry's IP address, there are many different ways that you can discover it.  One way would be through your network's router or DHCP server.  But the easiest way to find the IP address is right from your BlackBerry.

From your Bold's main screen, scroll up so that the top bar of the screen (with the clock, signal strength, and battery icon) is highlighted.  Press the trackpad button; a brief menu will appear.  Scroll down through the choices until Options is highlighted, and press the trackpad to select it.

From the Options menu, scroll down to Device and press the trackpad button.  Then scroll down to Device and Status Information (it should be the second option) and press the trackpad again.

On the Device and Status Information screen, you can find the IP address by scrolling down.  (It should be displayed just below WLAN MAC.)  Note that if the IP address displayed is "" then your BlackBerry is not currently connected to a Wi-Fi network.

(Originally published on, March 2012)

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