Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to find the IP address of a BlackBerry Tour smart phone

Like most devices that connect to a network or to the Internet, your BlackBerry Tour has its own IP address (when connected to a Wi-Fi network). Follow the steps below to discover your Tour's IP address. (The process may vary for other BlackBerry models, but it should be similar.)

A. From the main screen, press the BlackBerry button (the one with seven dots) to go to your Home folder.

B. Find the Options folder (with the wrench icon) and select it.

C. In the list of options, scroll down to Mobile Network and click the trackball.

D. Press the BlackBerry button.

E. Click on Tools on the menu.

F. Click on Ping.

When the Ping test utility opens, you'll see your IP address displayed at the top of the screen, labeled "Device IP." You don't have to use the Ping utility; you can click the back arrow to exit out after noting your IP address.

Alternatively, you can run the Diagnostics Test, which will also display your IP address. To run the Diagnostics Test, follow the steps above, but after step D, substitute the following procedure:

E. Select Diagnostics Test from the menu.

F. Press the BlackBerry button.

G. Select Run.

The Diagnostics Test can take a few minutes to complete, and it will display various settings for your BlackBerry, including the IP address (Device IP). The report generated by the Diagnostics Test will be saved so you can view it later for reference or use it to compare current settings.

(Originally published on FixYa.com, August 2010)

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