Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to force close apps on an iPhone

As you use your iPhone, various apps and programs are opened.  When you open an app and then hit the Home button to exit out of it, that app typically remains open.  While that usually doesn't cause a problem, with enough open apps your phone could start to slow down a bit.

Closing open apps on an iPhone is easy to do.  There's no red circle like on a Mac, and no X in the corner like on a Windows computer, but it's still a simple task to close apps that are running on an iPhone.

To close apps that are open, tap the Home button twice.  All of the open apps will be shown in a cascading line of tiles.  Swipe to either side to scroll through the list of open apps, and when you come to an app that you want to close, simply tap that app and, without releasing your finger, drag it up to the top of the screen.  It will be removed from the list of running apps (but won't be deleted from your phone).  Once you have closed all of the apps that you wanted to close, tap the Home button to return to the home screen, or tap one of the open apps to bring it to the front.

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