Thursday, December 24, 2015

How to add a web page shortcut to an iPad's home screen

Bookmarks in your web browser are a good way to "save" web pages so you can go back to them again easily next time.  However, for web pages that you visit often, you might prefer to put the bookmark directly on your iPad's home screen.  By doing it that way, you can just tap the icon to open the web page, rather than having to open the browser first, then go to your bookmarks and find the one you want.

To add a shortcut to a web page to your iPad's home screen:

- Open Safari
- Navigate to the web page you want to create a shortcut for
- Tap the rectangle with the arrow coming out of it at the top of the screen
- Tap Add to Home Screen
- Change the name of the shortcut if you wish
- Tap Add

These steps were written for an iPad with iOS version 5.1.1.  The steps may vary for other versions.

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