Friday, December 18, 2015

How to optimize the hard drive for a Sharp MX series copier

Like computers, copiers and printers have internal hard drives to store data.  Over time, these hard drives get cluttered and need to be cleaned up to perform at optimum levels.  On a Sharp copier, you can defragment the hard drive by using the "optimization" feature.

Follow the steps below to optimize the hard drive for a Sharp MX series copier.  You won't lose any stored data when you optimize the hard drive, but any current or pending jobs will be deleted.

- Press the System Settings button.  (If admin controls are enabled, you may need an administrative password to get into the system settings.)
- Tap Device Control.
- Tap Other Settings.
- Scroll down and tap Execute next to "Optimization of a Hard Disk."
- Tap Yes.

The process will typically take just a couple of minutes, but may take longer if the hard drive is extremely fragmented.  Upon completion, the copier will automatically reboot.

The steps above were written specifically for the MX-M283N / MX-M363N / MX-M453N / MX-M503N family.  The wording will be similar, if not identical, for other copiers in the MX series.  Some MX copiers won't have the Other Settings menu, for example; the hard drive optimization option will be directly under the Device Control menu.

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