Saturday, February 6, 2016

How to add a web page shortcut to an Android device's home screen

On an Android phone or tablet, you can save web pages as shorcuts on your home screen.  Doing so makes it easier to access those web pages, because instead of opening a web browser and then selecting the bookmark, you can simply select the shortcut from your home screen to open that web page.

Below are instructions for saving a web page to your Android phone or tablet as a home screen shortcut.

- Open Chrome (either from your home screen or your list of apps)
- Navigate to the web page that you want to save
- Tap the Menu icon (with the three dots or three horizontal bars) in the upper right corner
- Tap Add to Home screen
- Change the shortcut name (optional)
- Tap Add

These instructions may not work on every mobile device, but they have been tested successfully on the following phones and tablets:
- Motorola Droid Maxx
- Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
- Lenovo IdeaTab A10-70

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