Sunday, June 19, 2016

How to disable MMS auto-fetching on a ZTE Overture 2 smart phone

Auto-fetching (or auto-retrieving) allows your smart phone to download the contents of multimedia text messages without asking you first.  It's a good time-saver if you get a lot of picture or video texts, but it can also raise security or privacy concerns.

On the ZTE Overture 2, auto-fetching is enabled by default.  Here's how to disable it.

If you use Messaging as your texting client:

- Tap Messaging
- Tap the Menu button (in the upper right corner, with 3 stacked dots)
- Tap Settings
- Scroll down to Auto-retrieve and tap it to remove the check mark

If you use Google Hangouts as your texting client:

- Tap Hangouts
- Tap the Menu button (in the upper left corner, with 3 stacked bars)
- Tap Settings
- Tap SMS
- Scroll down to Auto retrieve MMS and tap it to change the slider from on to off

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