Sunday, June 12, 2016

How to optimize a USB flash drive for quick removal in Windows

Just about everyone with a USB flash drive is familiar with the process of having to tell Windows to eject the flash drive before you actually remove it from the computer.  But there is an easy way to avoid having to do that every time, and your flash drive may already be set up so that you don't have to manually eject it.

You can choose to have your flash drive optimized for quicker writing, or quicker removal.  To optimize it for quicker removal (so it can be removed safely without having to "eject" it) follow the steps below.  These instructions are for Windows 7, but will be similar for other Windows versions.

To get to the flash drive properties, select Devices and Printers from the Start menu.  (You can also get there by right clicking on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray, then selecting Open Devices and Printers.)

Right click on the USB flash drive and select Properties.  Select the Hardware tab, and click on Properties, toward the bottom.  Select the Policies tab.

Select Quick removal.  (If it's already selected, then your flash drive is already optimized for quick removal.)  Select OK, then OK again, to apply the change.

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