Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How to find the Bluetooth address for a ZTE Overture 2 smart phone

To see the Bluetooth address for a ZTE Overture 2 smart phone:

- Tap Settings
- Scroll down to About phone and tap it
- Tap Status
- Scroll down to Bluetooth address

Note: If Bluetooth is turned off, you will see "Unavailable" instead of the phone's Bluetooth address.

Friday, June 24, 2016

How to find the IP address for a ZTE Overture 2 smart phone

To view your ZTE Overture 2's current IP address:

- Tap Settings
- Scroll down to About phone and tap it
- Tap Status
- Scroll down to IP address

Note: If you are on a network that uses IPv6 as well as IPv4, you will see both IP addresses, IPv4 and IPv6.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

How to disable MMS auto-fetching on a ZTE Overture 2 smart phone

Auto-fetching (or auto-retrieving) allows your smart phone to download the contents of multimedia text messages without asking you first.  It's a good time-saver if you get a lot of picture or video texts, but it can also raise security or privacy concerns.

On the ZTE Overture 2, auto-fetching is enabled by default.  Here's how to disable it.

If you use Messaging as your texting client:

- Tap Messaging
- Tap the Menu button (in the upper right corner, with 3 stacked dots)
- Tap Settings
- Scroll down to Auto-retrieve and tap it to remove the check mark

If you use Google Hangouts as your texting client:

- Tap Hangouts
- Tap the Menu button (in the upper left corner, with 3 stacked bars)
- Tap Settings
- Tap SMS
- Scroll down to Auto retrieve MMS and tap it to change the slider from on to off

Sunday, June 12, 2016

How to optimize a USB flash drive for quick removal in Windows

Just about everyone with a USB flash drive is familiar with the process of having to tell Windows to eject the flash drive before you actually remove it from the computer.  But there is an easy way to avoid having to do that every time, and your flash drive may already be set up so that you don't have to manually eject it.

You can choose to have your flash drive optimized for quicker writing, or quicker removal.  To optimize it for quicker removal (so it can be removed safely without having to "eject" it) follow the steps below.  These instructions are for Windows 7, but will be similar for other Windows versions.

To get to the flash drive properties, select Devices and Printers from the Start menu.  (You can also get there by right clicking on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray, then selecting Open Devices and Printers.)

Right click on the USB flash drive and select Properties.  Select the Hardware tab, and click on Properties, toward the bottom.  Select the Policies tab.

Select Quick removal.  (If it's already selected, then your flash drive is already optimized for quick removal.)  Select OK, then OK again, to apply the change.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

fontSwitcher now on GitHub

fontSwitcher is now hosted on GitHub.  An older version (v1.4) is still available on CodePen, but the files will now reside on GitHub to allow for different versions and better version control.

To use fontSwitcher directly from GitHub, include this line in your site's <head> or at the end of the <body>:

<script src="http://freginold.github.io/fontSwitcher/fontSwitcher.min.js"></script>

Sunday, June 5, 2016

fontSwitcher v1.4 - now supports generic fonts

fontSwitcher v1.4 adds support for generic fonts - monospace, cursive, sans-serif, serif, and fantasy.  Support is case-insensitive for generic fonts.  Generic fonts (along with Google fonts and native fonts) can be picked as either the first font choice or as a fallback font.  See all the details here on CodePen.

See the Pen fontSwitcher by freginold (@freginold) on CodePen.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

How to save an email address on a Sharp MX series copier

If you use your Sharp MX series copier for scanning to email, you may want to save email addresses to the copier's address book so you don't have to type them in every time you scan.  Saving email addresses to the address book is an easy task, and this guide will walk you through the process.  (For some older MX models, such as the MX-6210 or MX-M550, the steps may vary slightly.)

- Press the System Settings button.
- Select Address Control.
- Select Address Book.
- Select Add New (or Add).
- Address Type should be set as Email by default; if it's not, select Email.
- For Address Name, enter the name to associate with this email address.
- Scroll down to Email Address, and enter the destination email address.
- The other fields (ie. Initial) are optional and can be filled in or left blank.
- Select OK.
- On many models you'll see a message like "Registration is completed."  Select OK.

Some MX models have a pull-out keyboard which can make typing email addresses and long names easier.

If your copier has administrator mode locked down, you may be required to enter the administrator password in order to access the address book.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

fontSwitcher v1.3, now with fallback font support

fontSwitcher v1.3 is now available on CodePen.  It includes optional fallback font support, for multiple fonts if necessary.  All the details can be found on CodePen:


See the Pen fontSwitcher by freginold (@freginold) on CodePen.